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Activities and Accomplishments

Activities and Accomplishments


Through funding from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, RETI developed a system to improve and expedite patient transfer and curriculum to improve communications based upon survey results.

Working with Braxton County Development Authority, RETI assisted in the build out and leasing of a state of the art medical communication command facility in Sutton, West Virginia.


RETI assisted in the preparation for the Statewide Trauma System Consultation Review with the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.


Under a grant from the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services, RETI began management of the medical command location known as WestCom in Sutton, West Virginia.  This administrative oversight remains today.


RETI administration traveled to all medical regions in West Virginia to conduct system leadership and performance courses to squad leaders.  Goal was to improve squad leadership with the outcome being overall performance improvement.

In conjunction with and funding through the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, RETI staff interviewed Emergency Medical Service professionals in eight (8) regions of West Virginia.  Focus of this discussion was to understand medical ethics issues encountered by emergency medical professionals to establish a curriculum that covered the most needed support of these professionals.


RETI was tasked upon receiving supplemental funds from the West Virginia legislature, with the establishment of a Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP) site for the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health.


West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources WV (DHHR) provided RETI with legislated funding for the development and operation of a training center at our Sutton, West Virginia location.  This facility remains in operation today.


Through funding received from the West Virginia legislature, RETI purchased and distributed naloxone/Narcan to specific State agencies and medical squads in support of West Virginia’s efforts to help with the opioid crisis.

Other RETI Activities and Achievements

RETI, working with other medical professionals, developed SMART phone technology to improve inter-hospital transfer times

Working with, ultrasound screening distributor, RETI provided education and support to pre-hospital personnel to utilize this technology to evaluate intercranial bleeds.

RETI working with Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) professionals has created and operates a Healthcare Ethics ECHO in the State of West Virginia.  This ECHO brings together healthcare professionals with objectives being continued education and case study review to improve professional knowledge base resulting in improved healthcare in West Virginia.

Working with EMS professionals, RETI and staff are working to evaluate medical squad reports to determine word and phrases linked to potential cases of child abuse.  Educational materials will be created from the outcome of data collected.